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Am I imagining 2 lines? BFP??????

11dpo and I wasn't planning on testing til Monday when we start our next phase of TTC but I found an extra HPT in the closet this morning.  So I decided to POAS this morning just for kicks.  ummm..

am I imagining a second line....if i squint I can see a verrrryyyy faint pink line....I'm scared to let myself be excited.

I know that several people have had faint BFPs and then gotten negative beta. Wow, I'm just runnint the gammut of emotions.  u guys send me some SSBD and pray this little one sticks.

Luv u all!!!
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Congratulation.  YOU'RE PREGNANT.  Usually if you see 2 faint lines, then it's accurate.  try to take one later today or tomorrow.  I guess that your egg implant yesterday or today and didn't release enough hormone to dectect pregnancy yet.  WOW congratulation to you.  wish you the best.
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the control line is really dark and the second line is verrryyyy faint.  It's an FRER and I know they are really sensitive.  I just can't concentrate on anything else.  I know that first morning urine is the most sensitive so POAS more times today is a waste.  aaaaaaa
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As long as there is a faint line,  you are pregnant for sure girl.  I am so happy for you.  believe me, by tomorrow you will have 2 dark lines

take care
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hey...a line is a line...doesn't matter how faint it is.  Also, from your profile, it seems like you are only 10 dpo...i know several people that get positives that early, but it is early, try testing again at 13 or 14 dpo and i would bet the 2nd line will be darker.  Congrats!!!  I'm hoping i get my bfp this month too.  I am only 12 dpo, but want to test really, really bad...i'm waiting until monday morning to test though.  
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Hey!  I took a FRER around the same time as you and got a faint line... so faint DH said he couldn't see it, but I could!  Turned out to be real!  Take another first thing in the morning and you should see it again, and maybe it will be just a little darker!


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OMG...I just took a EPT Digital and it came back "Pregnant"  OMG  OMG  OMG
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Congrats!!!!!!  You must be sooo excited!!!
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YAY!!! Happy bfp day! Congrats and here's to a super sticky one! YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!!
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Congrats, That's a great feeling to finally see a BFP.  I got mine last month :)
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Congratulations!!!!!!! Happy nine months!
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congratulations!!!!!! thats wonderful news!!!!! : )
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Congratulations!  I was just going to write: A line is a line! But then I scrolled down and saw your digital result!  That is awesome news and you must be so ecstatic!  I hope the next nine months are superb!  Once again, congrats!
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Congratulations!  I wish you very best for rest of your pregnancy.
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How wonderful! Go celeberate!!!! :)
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OMG!!! That is sooooo exciting!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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Wow, that is so incredibly awesome!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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Congratulations honey you did it well done
sending loads of baby dust love & hugs
Love chrissie x x
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Get out! Woo hoo! Congrats!

What is FRER?
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Congrats. Take care and happy nine months.
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Yipppppeeeeee!  It's for real!  

maybebaby29--FRER is First Response hpt.  It is very sensitive.
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Oh boy congratulations!!  The journey is just beginning.  Have a wonderful 9 months!!
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YAY!!!! congrats.
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Congrats- i got a faint positive on a FRER and my beta was 3.99 the same day. I love those things! Congrats again and SSBD!!!
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wooooot wooooooooooooooooooo!  I am so happy! I can't beleive my eyes.   congratulations............ I hope I get mine too.................let's celebrate :)
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