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Infertility - Male factor

Hi everyone,

my husband has only 1-0 % motile sperms. We have done IVF three times (with ICSI) but all the cycles failed and I did not got pregnant.
Can anyone help me find any treatment for my husband, which may improve the sperm quality and motility?

I need your kind advice, please help!
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I would highly suggest that your hubby see a urologist, they would give you the best options to increase your hubby sperm quality & quantity.  You could also try fertile aid for men as well as motility boost as the companion product, if you really wanted you could get the other companion product of count boost. Tell you hubby no hot tubs, or hot baths, wear loose boxers, no smoking, decrease or stop alcohol intake.

In terms of actual vitamins, there are three that are thought to help.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is thought to help increase sperm count as well.  Vitamin E is thought to help with both semen volume and with sperm count.  The final vitamin is B12, and is also thought to help increase sperm count.  In addition to these vitamins that can help increase sperm count, there are a couple of other nutritional supplements that are worth looking at that may help increase sperm count as well.  Selenium, Zinc, and carnitine all are thought to help with sperm count.  In addition, many of these vitamins and other supplements may not only help to increase sperm count, they may be able to help out with increasing sperm motility, as well as increasing the amount of normal sperm.

Please not it can take 3 months for any changes to take full effect on the count & such.  Good luck!!!!
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Thank you so much for giving me such valuable advice.

Regarding seeing a urologist, we had consulted a couple of urologists and my husband had gone several treatments also but nothing helped. The urologists failed to diagnose the real reason of the problem.
With your advice about the supplements and important vitamins, i am hopeful that these will improve his condition.

Many thanks once again.
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You are very welcome, I am glad I could help!  Good luck!!  SSBD!!
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My DH has a lower motility and morphology count. Our RE recommended a multivitamin. My husband takes one daily (with zinc and B's) in conjunction with C, E, Carotine amd L'Arginine, an amino acid that help builds healthy sperm. Oh, and CoEnzyme 10. His numbers went up this last round. Another important thing to remember - he should not carry a cellphone near that region, nor should he put a laptop in his lap. No heat of any kind. Good luck!
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I'm going to second (third?) the advice you've already been given.  My DH also has male factor issues with a very low morphology (1%), borderline motility and a count that seems to fluctuate from good to poor.  

I have him taking a ton of vitamins, minerals and herbs, including B, C, D, E, folic acid, l-carnitine, l-glutamine, zinc, selenium, coenzyme Q10, lycopene, a multi-vitamin and maritime pine bark (an antioxidant).

We had three IUI's that were lower numbers of total sperm (70 million was his best, 29 million was his worst), and 8million and then 6 million post-wash.  I started him on the l-carnitine, lycopene, zinc, selenium and folic acid in November, and at our 4th IUI in February he had a total count of almost 100 million and a post wash count of over 13 million and his motility went up about 5%.  Even though his morphology didn't change, we conceived with that IUI.  Sadly it was an ectopic, so we are no longer pregnant but I'm keeping him on that regime of vitamins so that when we can try again, hopefully his numbers will be as good as they were the last time.

Good Luck!
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I had my husband on all these vitamins and we just conceived, so it does work. He had an even lower sperm rate at our last IUI, which greatly disappointed me at the time. However, they told us last week that there may be two heartbeats in there. Confirmation ultrasound scheduled tomorrow. Good luck.
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Hey jmd - even though his sperm count is low, that may not be the only reason for the ICSI failure, is everything ok with you and eggs and etc? what was doctor's insight regarding the failures? i am sailing in the same boat, 2 failed IVFs, going for an FET this month, my hubby takes zinc and b12 everyday, also he used few male reproductive meds, i know this is tough and complicated. in my case, not only sperm eggs are also bad, so we both kinda share the failure 50 50 :) LOL.
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