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Is there a way to cure “Obstructive azoospermia” ?

I am a 34 year old male and recently went for a Semen Analysis which showed zero or Nil sperm in my ejaculate.
The Dr. suggested a scan and found that testicles are normal with no problem prostate.However the scan was not able to find my Left seminal vesicle(not visualised), right was visualized and appeared normal.

So the Dr.said that I won’t be able to biologically father a child as my sperms cannot come out naturally in my ejaculate and only way was to surgically extract it using some method “TESE/MESA”?

So i wanted to know if he is actually correct(a well known Doctor from a reputed institute), or we have some medicines in homeopathy/ayurveda to cure Obstructive azoospermia and increase sperm count naturally
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Hi Sagup
From what I know from personal and a friend's experience biopsy is the way to extract them and cryopreserve them for use in IUI and IVF procedures.  My friend recently had success and is pregnant with twins. She chose IVF because she had some fertility obsticals as well. My husband chose for personal beliefs that we should use a donor for our family. We have two healthy beautiful children via IVF (I have fertility issues too) now and couldn't be happier.

If there is anything I can help you with please private message me. I would be more then happy to help you with what I know.
Best of luck to you!
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