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Question about Fertility and Chance of Pregnancy

My wife is 45 years old and has been taking oral fertility pills with a regular period cycle of 26 days. We have a 9 year old daughter but no children since then.

My wife's last period started on August 30th.

We had unprotected sex many times during her peak ovulatory period in September and she had a 1-day bleeding on September 17th. We initially thought that that was her period but later felt this could be implantation bleeding.

Her period did not come and she still has not had a period, as of October 20th.

She took a urine-based pregnancy test on October 17th but it was negative.

She will see her doctor on Friday if she still does not have her period by then.

We are hoping for a baby.

What are the chances she is pregnant? What are the chances her fertility medicine worked?
What are the chances the urine based pregnancy test is wrong?

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Also the bleeding was very light and brown-colored, about 6 days earlier than her period and lasted only one day.

So began to think this could be implantation bleeding.

My wife has been tired, with swollen breasts, and food cravings.

But with the negative pregnancy test, we aren't sure what to think.

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I was eight weeks pregnant and still getting negative tests but I knew I was, went to the doc for a blood test and I was. If the hormone is not strong enough to detect it will show negative.  I think that she probably is pregnant, I really hope she is. Ill say a prayer for ur family. Good luck..
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There are so many things that factor into what her chances are (ages, medicine, etc.).  I think that you guys are doing the right thing by seeing a doctor so that you know definitively what is going on.

Good luck and Keep us posted! :)
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