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Scheduled for open surgery to remove blockage on Fallopian tube, any tips?

I am scheduled for open surgery to remove blockage on Fallopian tube.  Do you ladies have any tips on what to do to prepare for it?  The blockage was discovered in our attempt to get pregnant (two years trying) and we're supposed to remove the blockage so we can try again.  And...yikes!  Really scared here.  Help!
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Hi!  So good to hear from you.  Did they find the blockage by shooting dye in there?  You know, that's how my sister got pregnant?  Right after that test, the dye they shot into her fallopian tube opened it and wa la, baby!  But I understand that you are having to have a procedure to open them.  Why do they think you have the scar tissue? I would talk to your doctor about the underlying reason too.  https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/blocked-fallopian-tubes#pregnancy  So, I always say before any procedure, brain storm any potential question.  Such as, what would a complication look like?  What is the most common complication? What should I expect for recovery? When can we get on to the baby making?  lol  But this is actually in my opinion a good thing because you have an answer.  You know something you can do in a tangible way that will lead to pregnancy. AND, maybe get you out of the IVF situation.  

When is your procedure?
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March 17.  I hope this will help make me conceive too.  And thanks for your suggestions, I will ask them.  It's great about your sister though!  I wish it would be the same for me but judging from what they said I think this needs to be done.
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