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TTC for two years and doing fertility tests, a little scared

Hello, my husband and I have been trying for two years and now we are getting ourselves tested.  I'm just a little concerned on the results.  If I am infertile - is that final?  Like I can never have a baby naturally?
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Unfortunately, everything is on hold due to COVID-19 right now. Pretty much making the decision for those at the initial steps to continue TTC naturally. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this! I can relate all too well, as your situation is very similar to mine. I wish there were more answers for those of us with unexplained infertility too. As it's a relief that nothing has been identified as "wrong"...But also so very very frustrating as you feel as though you still have no answers for why this is happening. (My case is they could not find a thing wrong with me apart my age and some extra lbs). On the other hand I'm glad you've made the decision to turn to a fertility expert for help. I'm sure he will investigate the best and further invent some really good treatment plan for you.
I wish there were some comforting words I could offer you. But the majority of IPs are all basically in the same boat of waiting until clinics re-open and they can resume our efforts to build a familiy. Hang in there and keep strong!!
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There is no one blanket answer for this.  The first step is diagnosis.  Infertility can be permanent if, say, you lack some physical element that is absolutely necessary for pregnancy to occur.  However, it may also be treatable - if your periods are irregular, you may need medication to regulate them.  If you aren't ovulating, there are medications that can help encourage ovulation.  

Additionally, your husband will need to be tested.  He could have abnormal or low sperm count.  NOTHING can be determined until testing is done.  At that point, a conversation with your doctors will help decide the next steps in your fertility journey.

Your profile states you are investigating IVF.  There's absolutely no point in doing that right now, or before you know if either of you have a physical problem, or if it's just bad luck.  
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Thanks for answering and yes we had ourselves checked already.  Our GP is suggesting more tests.  It seems she has found a blockage of some sort.  My husband seems to have no problems.
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