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What further test does my husband need to do - when he's been given the all clear?


I am trying to conceive by IVF. I have already had a blood test and the preliminary test done (e.g. for gonorrhoea) and everything came back all clear. My tubes are apparently fine too. MY husband has gone for his semen analysis and there are some issues, i.e. the quality of his sperm is not the best, but that was all. Our GP has said that wasn't a problem. Now I have been asked to attend another Gynae appointment TOGETHER with my husband at the hospital. Can I ask what other test he needs to undergo when he's been given the all clear? I don't see why I can't attend this next appointment by myself when apparently it's just me that they need to assess whether I can receive the IVF treatment or not. He's traveling all the time for work, so it's hard for him to attend last minute appointments. I don't understand why is it they can't just take his sperm and / or freeze it and carry out the IVF procedure in his absence?  
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My IVF doctor had a whole raft of tests the couple needed to do, not just a sperm test, including for carrying genes indicated for cystic fibrosis (I think) and other conditions.  There was also mandatory counseling for both people in the couple and explanations of all the shots the woman would have to take, they trained the husband in giving the wife the daily intramuscular shots.  Possibly that is why your husband was asked to come.  My doctor also had a pretty strict rule about not wanting to treat people with "disinterested husbands," which of course when you have a husband travel is a tough one to have to argue with a doctor about if he gets the idea your spouse isn't coming because he doesn't care much about having a baby.  Have your husband attend the appointment, or call your doctor's office and explain that your husband travels a lot and this was rather short notice, and ask if it can be rescheduled.  
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I completely agree with Annie. Your husband needs to be present for some of the visits. Especially the consultation and testing, egg recovery and embryo transfer at the very least. This is a forever commitment and the doctors need to feel your both invested in this process and babies life.
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