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hormone imbalance. vaginal ph level

1will my hormone imbalance resolve on its own i been haaving irregular late periods. because its stress related my doctor told me that i should just relax and wait. i could also take dyan pills (contraceptive i think) will that help?
2. doctor also told me my vaginal ph level is also 6.5 im not sure if that is normal? i am also have been having bacterial infection also caused by this imbalance.
i started taking probiotic supplements not sure if it will help.
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Hi doc my bacterial smear cam back and  i have:
Gram + Cocci = Few
Gram - Bacilli = 3(+)

I had already taken (Dequalinium chloride suppository/Fluomizin 10mg) for 6 days and flagystatin before they don't seem very effective after re-check i still have 3+ on bacilli, no improvement.

I am waiting for the results of my culture & sensitivity. is there other treatment options i can take. thank you for the information that you have provided.
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Hormonal imbalances can produce many untoward effects on your body. Inconsistent sleep patterns, lack of exercise, stress and a poor diet can all affect your hormones. Lifestyle changes and hormonal treatment all can help in controlling hormonal imbalances.  A nutritious diet, regular exercise and a regular sleep schedule are helpful. Doctors often prescribe hormonal pills for regularizing the periods. A normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.5, slightly acidic. If a woman has vaginal pH above normal, the most likely reason is bacterial vaginosis .Consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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