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uti/kidney infection during early pregnancy.

Anyone ever suffered kidney infection during early pregnancy? Had confirmed digital pregnancy test on Friday. Went to my doctor and they said I had protein in my urine but not gave me any antibiotics. I'm so concerned and worried as have a history of miscarriages. He told me to hand a sample in on Monday if it got worse.
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Y friend had several and i was never a problemt
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Ahh I'm just worrying. Especially because nobody has gave me any antibiotics for it x
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I currently have 1. My first visit showed protein in my urine at 8 weeks pregnant and doctors did nothing and last week at 15 week's went to hospital for bad migraine and put on antibiotics for infection doctor stated with pregnancy kidney and uti infections are nothing to play with. Soooooo I'm just as lost as you. If so serious why wasn't it treated ealier by my doctor
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Yeah I was confused. I'm only 4 1/2 wks pregnant with a history of miscarriages. I did get some yesterday from my midwife and folic acid x
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Plus when she tested my urine yesterday it showed a little bit blood which has me worrying even more x
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My prayers are definitely with you!  I believe that they are reluctant to give you anything in the beginning stages of pregnancy because there is so much unknown.

Try to stay positive and keep us posted! :)
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Thank you. I am just taking it one day at a time although I'm worrying at every little pain I get x
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