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16 year old wakes up choking, gasping, belting, spitting.

2 weeks ago at 11:30 pm my healthy 16 yr old who had a dry cough for the previous week started gasping for air while showering. After a scary couple of minutes and paramedics on the way, he slowly regained breathing and started deeply belching and spitting. ER said it was likely bronchitis that caused bronchspasm and gave him a steroid dose pack. 3 days later it happened again same time of night at a friends house and was taken to another ER. They said it was reflux and gave him zantac. Pediatrician is sending him to a pulmonologist but suspects it is his larynx spasming. She gave him an inhaler in the meantime. We also have referrals to ENT and GI. Does anyone know anything about this? It’s now happening every night while he is sleeping. He shoots up gasping for air and as he regains breaths starts belching and spitting a lot. Same thing every time. I have him taking Zantac twice a day and Claritin once a day. Hope to get to bottom if this. It will take some time to get to all the specialists but wondered if anyone had any insight. Thank you!!
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UPDATE.... if anyone sees this.... it’s laryngospasm per pulmonologist. He likely damaged his vocal chords when he had a bad cough which was likely bronchitis. May take a while to heal. Going to ENT also. On 150 mugs twice a day if Zantac and 24 hr Claritin at night. Attacks have subsided in severity but still occurring every night. There’s som other good feeds about this on this site that I’ve read meticulously. At least he’s not alone.
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