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Excessive burping help!

Hi, I am 20 years old was over weight most of my life and in college freshmen year was diagnosed with gerd after chest pains and sour taste. They checked my heart out and all things fine. I took a medication for a week then got off. Going into summer break things were fine until the pain returned. My PC gave me new medication and I have horrib  side effects I got off and was left with lingering headaches and just feeling horribly unwell. So I decided to change my lifestyle I ate really healthy and became a pescatarian with slight physical excercise, got rid of diabetes type 2 and lost 89 pounds. As I tried to get to the root I had more heart exams, brain test, blood clot test, endoscopy, celiac test, Nd thyroid. Everything was okay. I then started taking vitamins, lowering stress, and feeling better. Until i developed pain on my upper left side of my stomach. It was dull and there after I ate. My bowel moments were normal so I was just confused. That eventually went away and I saw that it was accompanied by what looked like a bump which got smaller. The pain kind of went away then constant burping started like every second extremely uncomfortable little burpes especially when I push on my body. I went to GI and she gave me meds to very rid of bacteria in intestines and it did nothing. now I have Lower Stomach pain and shoulder pain. It’s so horrible having to either burp or push to burp 24/7. I am at a lost and I just don’t know what to do.
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First, I'm really glad you are taking your lifestyle into your own hands and have improved it!  That is so awesome that you lost 89 pounds!!  Isn't it amazing how type 2 diabetes and other health issues get better when we do that. Anyway, that's great!!  So, what kind of medication did they give you?  What kind of antibiotic?  Have you ever tried probiotics?  Could you have a dietary issue that this is the result of?  If the medication the doctor gave you is not fixing the issue, go back!  Let us know how you are doing!!
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Have you been tested for H Pylori?
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