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Fundoplication Reversal

Hi everyone, I'm trying to find out as much information as possible on having fundoplication surgery reversed.
I had this surgery not so long ago. Without going into too much detail a series of events and mistakes made by myself and others led me to believe that having this surgery would be a good idea. My reflux wasn't that bad at all really and the medication was working well.I had a small sliding Hiatal Hernia so I still had occasional reflux on the medication but it was more like a gas with no acids or liquids really and all of my other symptoms had gone despite not taking my diet and lifestyle changes that seriously.

Now I'm sure this surgery helps a lot of people with severe reflux that cannot be controlled well with medication and lifestyle changes but I have to say that in my case all of the complications or side effects associated with the procedure are 50 times worse and harder to live with that what the surgeon described to me himself after reviewing my 24 hr PH study as mild reflux.

I'm very keen to have this operation reversed and would love to here from anyone anywhere who has managed to have a full reversal. I would love to know if the bloating and abdominal pain has gone or improved. if you can burp freely whenever you need to ( something I totally underestimated the importance of in my case ), if your bowels have improved and if your reflux returned any worse than before having the operation.

Also I live in Australia, so if anyone down under has had this operation reversed or is looking into it please help me out with any information you may have.

I feel this operation is being marketed by some practitioners as a convenient thing to have done to avoid taking medication each day. Something I have learnt the hard way and wish someone had said to me is this operation is a big deal and the recovery time can be very long. Take your diet and lifestyle changes very seriously and only consider surgery if your reflux is bad and when you have tried every other option available with no success.    

Thank you,


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Hi there Gastroboy,

In which state are you in?

If you see a Surgeon regarding getting your Nissen re-done, I would suggest that you look into getting a Partial Fundoplication.  Studies shows that this Fundo is better option w.r.t. IBS symptoms afterwards.

If you are in SA I can recommend very good GI and Surgeon to you.
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Hi Smilley2000,

I'm in Victoria. I have a followup appointment with my surgeon in 2 weeks.  I don't really know how willing he will be to help me out but I guess I will now where I stand in another 2 weeks time. If things don't go well I may just get your surgeon and GI's details for some advice via email or something. I now have a referral to a GI and an ENF doc. My local GP had some bloods done and is looking into thyroid problems and they came back borderline on the low side, I have to have that done again in another 6 weeks to double check that the results haven't been thrown off by the surgery. He said that can happen sometimes ?

My GP seems to think that maybe my throat complaints are just in my head brought on by anxiety I swear that's not the case. Sometimes a bubble of air will get caught exactly were I feel the problem is. It won't come up and I end up talking funny for a while until it frees itself.      

How is your healing coming along, hope your making progress. Are you on soft foods now ?    
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Hi there Gastroboy,

All the best with your consult in 2 weeks!  Maybe you should ask the Surgeon to arrange an Endoscopy and possibly Manomatric study to see the function of your LES and esophagus motility?

I am now about 6 weeks post-op and I am eating small pieces of steak, chicken and anything I want.  I just eat very slowly, chew very well and eat small portions.  I can even tolerate coffee and chocolates again!  I have lost about 7kg's in the past month and now I am borderline-underweight, so I am trying to get myself into good shape.  But so far I am happy that I had the operation.

After the Nissen Fundo it is almost impossible to "burp", but a few minutes after a meal I can feel an air-like/bubble sensation coming up my throat and I am just glad that it didn't come out the other end :)

I have an upcoming Endoscopy on the 17th of April and on the 18th I am going to see an ENT.  My throat and voice was my biggest problem and that has not improved and I am afraid that I might have nodules on my larynx/throat due to longstanding GERD issues.  I started working at our local TAFE as a Microsoft Instructor and I need my voice to hold after a full day at work!

Looking forward to hear from you again!  best wishes,
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Hi Smiley2000,

Thanks for the suggestions, I will bring it up with him. My burping is very slightly better, occasionally while eating or drinking I can do a small burp if I'm not really bloated. It's strange though the more full of gas my stomach gets the less capable I am of burping to get rid of it ? Sorry to here your still having throat and voice issues despite the surgery.

After my operation I had 2 days with no GERD issues then my voice became croaky again and some of my other symptoms came back as well - acid taste in mouth & really smelly saliva / gas in mouth and nose from time to time. I had a followup with the surgeon about 7 days after the operation and brought it up with him and he was adamant that I could not have any acid in my mouth and if I had any symptoms that they must have nothing to do with GERD.

The second followup went the same, feel like I'm getting the brush off big time so that's why I'm not confident he will offer me any help this next visit.  My GP put me on nexium for 2 weeks but took me off them after 1 week as I was having so much trouble with bowels and nausea beforehand, but it definitely helped with the acid in my mouth.

I've been surfing the net looking for more info on all of this, found some useful info and sites. I'm thinking of looking into diet more, there are some interesting books and sites out there. If you want me to post some links I will - if that's not against the forum rules ?

I still really want this wrap taken down because of the bloating, gas,not being able to burp, IBS and general discomfort, but I don't think my surgeon will even listen to me going off my last visits.

Hope your ENT doc gives your the all clear, are you still getting acid in your mouth like I am ? If you don't get acid in your mouth  and your GERD was bad before the operation I have read that it may take a good while for everything to heal properly so maybe it just needs more time ?

Anyway better go for now,


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For the 6 days that I was in Hospital, I was on a liquid and ice/water diet and then I also felt that my throat was feeling better!  I also need to go and have a look at my overall diet :)

It is always advisable to do dietary and lifestyle changes first and even medication, before surgery.  Let's see if the burping and gas/IBS-issues improves with time - "Flycaster" said that recovery from NF can take up to 2 years!

I have done some research on the anatomy of the throat and I think I am on to something:  the "lump" that I feel in my throat is the Epiglottis and I am sure it gets swollen during the day that is why my throat becomes uncomfortable and I get voice issues.  Maybe it is something in my diet that is causing this!  then I would not need nodule-surgery or something!  just need to find out why it swells up.
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Dear Gastroboy,
Hearing your story and how much it sounds like my story just makes me tear up.  I too, was told that I had a Hiatal Hernia and was duped into having the Nissan Fundoplication surgery, only to now have increased problems from the surgery!  The surgeon wrapped my esophagus too tightly also, and now I have to watch what I eat even more carefully, for instance, if I eat hard breads - it will "stick" in my throat and cause me to have nausea and feel the need to vomit to get rid of it. I also get constant "burping" as a way that I guess my body is trying to move the food on down into my stomach.  I am plagued with constipation, and also while I am on the toilet, my body will get nauseous and cause me to start dry-heaving (vomiting).  I have already had 3 procedures of "dilation" to stretch my esophagus out because it was wrapped too tightly, but it needs to be done about once each year, so I have decided just to watch what I eat and not have it done anymore!  Just have to suffer with the condition as it is, because I do not want to have anymore procedures!  
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