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lump/sore feeling base of neck in throat.

About 4 months ago i felt great. Than one weekend i got a super red sore throat and white furry tounge. Did strep test came back neg. But treated with antibiotics. It seem to clear up in about 5 days. After those symtoms left i have felt a lump or something stuck in throat and maybe like a small soreness also at time. This feeling is in the soft part of throat right above breast bone sternum area. I dont really notice it unless i swallow saliva. It doesnt seem to bother me eating drinking or breathing. Feel the best right awsy when i wake up but soon after it goes full force. I always feel the need to clear my throat but nothing comes up and i cant help but keep swallowing saliva all day driving me insane. Sometimes it feels like a glob of something other times a distinct lumpish thing. One doctor said it was my sinuses and treated me for that. The ent said she didnt think it was sinus. She look at my throat with a camera said everything looked great. Said only thing she say was a little redness in my vocal cords. She said it sounded like silent gerd. I was treated for this with meds but no response. Symtoms are still present and it makes me fear the worst. I am going back to ent in 2 weeks. Can anyone help me out with possibilities. I am scared i have smoked for 10 years quit for 5 and started about 6 months ago again unfortunately. I am only 35 and other than this consider my self pretty healthy.
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Forgot to add they tested my thyroid and came back normal
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Quit smoking the pimp sticks!  You aren't healthy if you smoke.  I'm a former smoker so I know, and understand it can be hard to quit.  That said, I quit quite easily after being wheeled in to an operating room for heart surgery.  It is an old joke that it is easy to quit smoking, just hit a policeman.  The same thing applies to smoking, it isn't a question if you will have throat, lung or heart problems, but when is the unknown.  Good luck, keep us informed.
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