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Cancer Polyps in gall bladder in routine ultrasound.


My father is diagnosed with 2 polyps in gall bladder in a routine ultrasound size 2.5cm . He didn't had any symptoms. The doctor advised to remove the gall bladder and advised to get admitted. After the admission doctor did multiple scans including CT scan which showed "polyps with associated wall thickening and a suspicious area of extramural nodularity In the gall bladder neck Suspicious for Neoplastic Pathology. Dr said they will do the lap cholecystectonomy and send gall bladder for test in the middle of the surgery to find out if that is Cancer. And that came out Cancer and Dr  extended the surgery and removed part of the liver with some tissues and the surgery is completed and the liver is sent for biopsy.
Please advise what are the chances the Cancer is spread to other parts and its been 2 days he is in ICU with some fever around 100.5.
Will he lead a normal life and How much is the life expectency according to his condition. He was fit and fine before admitting to the hospital. He just came for the gall bladder removal .

Please advise in detail.
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