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Am I not absorbing fats properly?

Hello! I came across this board in search of answers & decided to make my own post. For nearly a year now, I've been having strange things happening, like Steatorrhea ( greasy looking stool that has whitish, almost paperlike pieces throughout) & now I keep burping up quite a lot of fluid, which feels thick & very oily.
Both of those things lead me to wonder if I'm having some sort of fat malabsorption.. & wondering why. My Dr noticed excess fat (just as Id expected) but mostly my tests all came back normal? My Dr didn't mention this, but when I looked over the results myself, I noticed a pretty low level of lipase. It was technically still in normal range but at the lowest of normal range. I started looking into this issue & learned that these could be related possibly, & I was thinking to try supplementing lipase to see if that helps any. Does anyone have any idea what this all could mean, what could be going on? Any input is appreciated, thank you!

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