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Bacteria overgrowth

My problem is that after a bowel movement a defecation. My wiping is careful making sure i cover everything. Then i shower. Then i put clothes back on . at this point my anus area begins to smell bad as if i didnt wipe good and when i walk it emmits b.o.  . also the odor is accompanied by what a doctor said are spores. Can any one relate or have the medicine for bad bottom half b.o. and spores.
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hi. i hope you found treatment for what ails you ;)

i struggled with this issue for quite some time now.

first, stop wiping with toilet paper. i know your first reaction is, but how do i get clean? use t.p. dampened with water. and dont wipe hard. you want the oils to stay put, but the fecal matter to wash off. the water will have a cooling effect that feels great. theres a reason half the world uses a bidet. you can finish cleaning by lightly pat drying the area. give it a few goes and you'll get used to it and may never return to dry paper again.

now for the part of moving around after a B.M. get some Gold Bond Medicated powder with Corn Starch. apply this to your pelvic floor and let it set for, like 20 minutes before you leave to do things. this will absorb any excess sweating caused by over wiping with dry paper. it will also prevent light sweating for a good 3 hours. keep an eye on how often you sweat from the pelvic floor. then develop a routine using the powder, and apply when necessary.

when i realized, sweating aggressively on my anus was causing me to smell bad, I was blow back on how often and used to it I was. at times, i didn't think I had sweat on me, but would check by rubbing a finger across my inner cheek, and to my surprise I would have a film of sweat in between the parts of skin that were touching.

but, the problem really isnt sweating. it's  a over growth of bacteria on the skin that gets exacerbated when you heat up down there and start to sweat. over time, the bacteria set up shop because the conditions are perfect for them to multiply and thrive (consistent sweating). deal with the sweating and bacteria, deal with the odor.

hope this helps :)

if you come across any new info on your issue drop me a line

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Hello and welcome to medhelp and our forums.  Thanks for your question.  Did your doctor mention something called SIBO to you or Small Intestines Bacterial Overgrowth?  Here is information on this. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/sibo-overview-what-is-it.  There is an antibiotic they can use for this as well as life style changes like cutting out sugar or cutting down on it at least from your diet.  Did your doctor give you a breath test?
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