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Can problems with your colon cause swelling and pain in the vaginal area?

About 2 months ago, I was straining very hard trying to have a bowel movement.  I felt something tear or move in the very bottom of my abdomen.  I've been to the Gynocologist and have ruled out any female problems and bladder.  I'm due to have a colonoscopy very soon.  I'm worried.  My abdomen is very sore and still having pain in the vagina.
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It shouldn't, but it depends on if your pain is inside or outside, on your vulva and labia. Have you had a vaginal ultrasound?

There is something called a rectocele that could be causing it, depending on where you are feeling the swelling and pain - https://www.fascrs.org/patients/disease-condition/rectocele-0 It's often caused by chronic straining, constipation, childbirth (if you've had children), along with some other things.


It's usually found during a gyno exam, though sometimes further testing is needed. It would be worth a call to your doctor if the symptoms match yours.

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