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Gallbladder Polyps (Largest One is 35mm)

I went back to my GI for HIDA scan test result today.  Found out that my HIDA scan was normal with 75% ejection fraction, however there are few polys on my gallbladder walls (the largest one is 35mm) according to ultrasound report.  I was shocked to hear it as when I had called to ask my ultrasound result, the nurse didn't tell me about it.  
GI referred me to see a surgeon for gallbladder removal.  I had been having nausea, abdominal pain, gagging after eating, specially fatty food.  I have been protonix for my mild gastritis but it hasn't helped my symptoms at all.  
Do I really have to go for gallbladder removal ?  I heard many people gain weight after surgery..   How true is that?  
Any input is appreciated.  Thanks.  
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Discuss the issue of the polyps with your doctor. In the past, only polyps of a 'certain size' would seem to warrant the removal of the GB, or docs would follow any growth in size of the polyps and if there was growth, the GB would be removed due to the possibility they could turn cancerous. However, recently the recommendation has been revised to suggest that if polyps are present the GB should be removed. Although your polyp (the largest) doesn't meet the size requirements, it would appear that your doc is following the revised recommendations.

The ejection fraction you had is considered above the 'normal' limit. But at times it's hard to know what's normal and what's not.
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Thanks.  The weird thing is that my CT scan was normal..   CT scan isn't sensitive enough to pick up 35mm polyp?  
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my polyps also did not show on a cat scan only the ultrasound, hmm, now I am wandering if I should of got a second ultrasound before having gallbladder out.

I am sure (well I hope) my surgeon looked at the ultrasound cd i brought him and verified i did for sure have polyps.
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