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Gastro/ Stomach Pain and Throwing up

So I was wondering what may be the cause to my throwing up.  Every time I eat, I throw up.  It is a lot worse in the evening then it is in the morning.  I have gone to many different doctors.  I have tried reflux medicine and I take Prilosec everyday which helps with the acid, but not with the throwing up.  I have gone to an endocrinologist who did many different cat scans and nuclear medicine scans and eventually she said they found an object which turned out to be stool because I was severely constipated and I had not gone to the bathroom in three weeks.  I also have been to the emergency room a couple of times to get fluids because I am dehydrated.  I have also been seeing a gastro doctor who put me on linzess.  This helps with the constipation, but not with the throwing up.  I also went to see a naturopath who thought I could have a parasite.  She also mentioned I had food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, sugar, peanuts, chocolate, and red meats along with a couple random foods like green beans and strawberries.  She told me to take olive leaf and catsclaw bark to get rid of the parasite, but that does not seem to help.  As of now, I take Prilosec, linzess, probiotic, acidophilus, previfem, zinc and a multivitamin every morning.  I usually eat this with an applesauce or apple and I can keep this down, but it does take work and discomfort.  I notice as the day goes on, anything I eat makes me feel sick to my stomach and I feel like I am going to explode unless i throw up.  I have gone from 138 to 113 pounds and I am 5'8".  I would really like to be able to eat, and have energy to exercise and hang out with my friends.  I am a 19 year old college student and it makes my life extremely difficult.  I am always too tired to do anything.  I am open to trying anything so please let me know of any help you may have!
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Have you been evaluated for gastroparesis?
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I am not sure, the doctors have done a gastric emptying study and an upper GI scan. I have also done a test, I forget the name, but I would ate radioactive eggs.  Would they be able to diagnose that with those tests?
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Have you been tested for Celiac disease, since your naturopath mentioned gluten?  
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Also they checked your gallbladder?  Not just for stones, but for function with a HIDA scan?  One time when I lost that much weight it was due to my gallbladder.  I was throwing up every morning for six months.  Coffee was the trigger.  Do try stopping coffee as it causes problems for so many people.  
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I have been checked for celiac disease two different times and both times the tests were negative.  And I will have to look into that because I do not think they have, however I do not drink coffee.
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