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Head pain


My hubby has had a very painful pain on his right side of his head.
It is so sore that he can't even touch it. It also feels like his ear is sore.
What could it be?

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I've had horrible sharp stabbing pain in the head a few times, the pain lasts a few seconds at a time and comes and goes for a  few days and then disappears.  The pain is so severe, it is debilitating for the few seconds that it lasts and the area on my head/scalp feels severely bruised... a few things that I have looked at are the following:

Ice pick headaches
trigeminal neuralgia
occipital neuralgia

Not sure it these symptoms are similar to your husbands but either way I suggest he see a neurologist if you haven't already.  Good luck.

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My husband finally went to see Dr. yesterday.
They are presently testing him for ice pick headaches.
Then some other precidures.
Thank you very much for the reply and I hope everything is ok with you.
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