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Hyperplasia of the gastric mucosa of unknown origin. And not only

Hello! I'm 33. I don't smoke nor drink. I have an allergy (hay fever). I also have biliary dyskinesia.

It all had started with skin problems three years ago (rashes on the face and head). The dermatologist didn't find what could cause these problems and told me to go to a gastroenterologist. So, I have done an endoscopy. And it turned out that at that time I had a completely healthy digestive tract. But one year ago, I had severe heartburn for the first time in my life. After that, it happened again and again, on an ongoing basis. I had to repeat endoscopy and they found a lot of things this time. First of all, the found Hyperplasia of the gastric mucosa. Also, they found GERD, hiatal hernia, erosion of the antrum.

Current situation.
I am constantly being treated. I follow the strictest diet for a year (no fried, no smoked food, no refined, no spicy food, no alcohol) Also, I follow the FODMAP diet as it improves the situation with my skin.

But I'm still having pyrosis from time to time. And endoscopic surveys show no improvement.

It looks like some kind of food has a detrimental effect on my body for an unknown reason (I have no celiac disease). I want to understand what causes this disease in order to recover. I'm afraid that if things continue like this, I’ll get stomach cancer.

I would be very happy for any advice!
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I'm sorry you've had this difficult situation.  So, hiatal hernia.  That can be directly related to GERD.  It can take up to a year to get better and should be monitored in case there is a complication like strangulation of the stomach.  Heaven forbid that would happen, doubtful it will, but surgery is required if it does. And the GERD that you have now should be treated with medication.  Are you taking any medicine for it? That is listed as very important. Controlling it through diet and weight control is hard since the hernia is involved.  Important to do that too but consider medicine for the Gerd.  Here's an article on how they treat a hiatal hernia. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hiatal-hernia/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20373385  

Hyperplasia of the mucosa can also be caused by some type of obstruction, IE the hernia. If there is an obstructed gastric outflow as a hiatal hernia may cause, that could very well result in these cells. It could also be inflammatory.  The erosion of the antrum is all related to this as well.  

What is your doctor telling you? Make sure to take medication for the GERD and reduce acid production as well as neutralize the stomach (non alkaline diet?).  But is your doctor taking a wait and see approach?  What is their guidance for you?  
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I mean alkaline diet.  
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