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More stool samples

My MD got me to get her stool samples. 3 bottles with chemicals and 2 without. She has sent me to a Gastro after those were negative and now the Gastro has sent me home to get more samples. WHY?? She had the results of the ones from the MD. Also blood was taken at MD and also again for the Gastro. Why can't the Gastro use the results from the MD??
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There are different tests available, with different methods.Normal blood picture vs inflammation makers, liver enzymes, blood count, etc. Same with stool samples. Some are just put under the microscope to look at, some are grown to check on live bacteria, fungus, parasites...you can also measure inflammation, blood, the grade of digestion. And even DNA of what is living inside of you. They just want to make sure they didnt forget anything, or overlook anything. Not all tests are done at the same time, since some of them are expensive. No need for a whole bloodpicture if a cellcount would do, right?
And then there is the fact that things can change fast. A negative parasite test today doesn't mean it is not positive tomorrow.
And maybe the MD used a different lab than the gastro. They dont necessarily trust each other.
They just want to make sure that they didnt forget anything.
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Thanks :)
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