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Ulcers Won't Go Away


I'm a 21 year old male who is healthy and can handle stress relatively well. I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with ulcers in February 2013 by a Gastroenterologist. My Gastroenterologist said I have multiple ulcers along my stomach lining and a lot of inflammation. I started taking Protonix daily and watched what I ate. I have a lot of bloating and gas and a little bit of pain. My symptoms are not too severe all the time but I start to panic when I get in a quiet environment like a classroom or a work meeting. I get really worried about having an episode. Unfortunately, the panicking makes me have an episode of bloating, gas, and pain. I don't mind the pain but the bloating and gas episodes are not allowing me to do day to day tasks.

A week ago, July 2013, I had another endoscopy and my ulcers have barely improved and my stomach is still inflamed.

What should I do and what are the causes of my ulcer? School starts in a month and I need to be able to go to classes and focus.
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Try cutting out dairy and see if you get more comfortable.  If you drink coffee normally, it is also a likely culprit for some people.  My boyfriend is able to drink Folger's Smooth coffee.  It's not bad.  
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I also have been tested for H. Pylori and the test has came back negative multiple times.
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