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What to do if bowel is obstructed?

My friend, almost 95, with heart issues and diagnosed with pancreatic cancer one year ago.  She is not seeking any kind of treatment nor did she get a biopsy to know the stage of her cancer.  Anyway, she hasn’t had a solid bowel movement in almost 2 weeks.  She’s been drinking miralax, eating prunes and I gave her 1 suppository And 2 fleet enemas and still nothing.  She is eating, doesn’t have pain and is not bloating.  What do you advise?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I am so very sorry about your friend.  At this point, palliative care would be very helpful. It is normal a part of care and comes when someone is just looking for comfort care as they enter these stages of disease or life.  They would greatly help her in terms of how to handle a bowel blockage.  Now, a blockage has specific symptoms.  https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/what-is-bowel-obstruction#1  Being constipated is one of them but if they develop swelling in the abdomen or vomiting or even intermittent pain and cramping, you need to call her doctor and get guidance on what she should do.  A total bowel blockage can be an emergency.  At this point, I take it you are guessing that she has an obstruction or blockage, correct?  Hydration is very important.  Are they not wanting any treatment for this situation?  There are two roads to take. One in which she would treat the obstruction and the other they'd manage her comfort as it deteriorates.  I am so sorry that they are in that position. Regardless, a doctor can help.  Can you touch base with them?  
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