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institutions actively searching for solution to involuntary gas problem

I've been suffering from this very uncommon condition for nearly a year now. I am certain that people around me can smell something that i cannot and it has drained all my self-confidence. Knowing people around you feels uncomfortable when you are near, gosh.

I consulted a doctor. Unfortunately, meds did not work for me.

Now, I'm desperate, too desperate that i even thought of trying my luck to be an 'experimental patient'. Thinking maybe there are doctors out there looking for people with this condition. I would gladly volunteer in exchange for the treatment. I just want everything be back to normal again.

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Sorry you are going through this.  Sometimes you can find a doctor who has an investigative and curious nature who will work with you to 'find something out'.  What about contacting some learning institutions in your area?  Most large universities have hospitals associated with them. I'd call and see what you can find out there.  good luck
Thanks a lot specialmom. The doctor did not even sympathize with me. A bit of talking then just prescribed me some regular meds. She did not even bother to look deeper on my condition.
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Has your doctor ever prescribed peppermint capsules?  They are only on prescription.

My mother is prescribed this as due to her medical condition she's very gassy.  It has helped her so much, also it's simple, less invasive and no harsh medication.
Thanks for the info CardiffLady. I don't think the doctor cared a bit. I've read people with the same condition commenting different medications prescribed by their doctors and I'm actually surprised that they've been diagnosed that way. That's when doctors do what they must do. Hope to find a good doctor that can help me get through this.
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