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Electrolyte imbalance

Here are the results of a blood test I've done:

NA: 142 in 136-145
K: 4.3 in 3.6- 5.2
CL: 107 in 98-107
CO2 29.8 in 21-32
Anion gap: 5 in 7-16
Total protein: 7.7 in 6.4-8.2

Why are my sodium, chloride and CO2 so high? Can it be metabolic acidosis?
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Your electrolyte results are great and most people would kill to have your electrolyte status.
What makes you think  your Na, CL and CO2  are high when they are within the lab's ref. range?
The only concern would be the cortisol, which to my opinion should be higher in the morning
and perhaps could at least partially explain some of your symptoms.
The 4 x testing will give you a more accurate indication, since  cortisol  follows the circadian rhythm  (24 hours) . If you have any concerns about hypothyroidism, well...it would be justified, should your  4 x cortisol results show low cortisol.
In such an event there's a likelihood of secondary hypothyroidism forced by the adrenals for their own recovery.
Any treatments to fix the hypothyroidism, before adrenal improvement , would eventually backfire, unless it;s limited to correct thyroid-related nutritional/mineral/vitamin deficiencies.
As far as the Anion Gap goes, the low level is suspect, since it's rare.
It could be a lab error, low albumin (hypothyroidism is a possible cause of low albumin) or certain drug intake, such as  bromide content of sedative meds and lithium. Ask for a repeat test for AG.
Just my educated opinion.
Best wishes,
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