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About 6 months ago, I went to a physical therapist per suggestion of my doctor due to back pain. The pain mostly focuses on my lower back between the hips and upper back between the shoulder blades, but can radiate out to almost any area of my back. The pain is dull and constant, and is enough to provide moderate discomfort for day-to-day activities frequently, and interfere with my sleep consistently every night. The physical therapist had me perform exercises that focussed on my glutes, lower abdominal, and lower shoulder blade muscles stating that the muscles in these areas were underdeveloped and the cause of the pain. The physical therapy helped greatly, but did not completely get rid of the pain - I believe this is because I was not consistent every day with the exercises however. They determined this after performing a number of strength tests, and informed me of the name of the condition. I called them back recently to get the name of the condition that they told me I had, but they did not record it down in their records and the only information on it I can seem to find online is extremely broad. I was wondering if anyone would have an idea of what the condition might be so I can look more into it. Thanks for any help in advance
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Hello~I highly suspect that you have multiple misaligned vertebrae in your spine, seeing a chiropractor could benefit you greatly. The chiropractor will take x-rays of the spine, study them and then discuss the results with you. after a few treatments, the symptoms you are having should start to get better.
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Hi. That is hard to say since all sorts of words are used by medical professionals.  He could have been talking about locations in medical terms like lumbar, thoracic, cervical, sacral which all refer to areas of the back and anatomy where your pain may originate and radiate to.  Were they words like that?  Or was he saying the why of the pain like herniated disc, nerve impingement, arthritis, gerd, issues with ligaments, structural problems?  Or do you have pain in lower back due to tight hamstrings?  I've had that myself and am not sure there is a name for it.  The medical massage therapist released the hamstring muscles and then I did stretching which greatly improved it. Have you had any follow up with a doctor such as x ray or just only been examined by a physical therapist?  What helped the pain previously?  Stretching and the exercises they did?  Does ibuprofen relieve the pain at all?  I like this article because it is a pretty comprehensive look at back pain. https://www.healthline.com/health/back-pain#causes  Knowing the underlying cause may help.  Is it related to an injury? Repetitive movement?  What triggers the pain, have you noticed?  
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