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High Iron Low UIBC


I am 20 y/o female, around 5'4 (163 cm) tall and weigh 120 pounds (55kg).
I live a relatively healthy life with the exception of sleeping pattern, and work out with weights.

Last Friday I had a blood check up, and surprisingly my Iron was high (256), Transferrin saturation percentage also high (70), Ferritin normal on the lower side (18.5), total iron binding capacity normal (364), and UIBC low (108).
I don't know what that means, but looked around a little, and there were stuff about liver, and then I realised my Bilirubin was slightly high as well (1.74). The only anomaly is cholesterol (201) which is only high because of HDL (111) LDL is normal (82), and Triglyceride is low (38) which I think is okay, I guess.
I would like to point out that the blood sample was taken 4 days before my period, and the day before that I did not sleep at all, other than a one hour nap.

Can someone help me what might this be about? I am young and I am kind of scared about my liver right now. Should I see a doctor?
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Given that an MD had to order those labs on you, I'd call whomever that was and ask for an interpretation of them for you. If you drink a significant amount of alcohol, it could lead to abnormal liver function blood tests.   I would schedule an appointment to discuss in person so you can ask any questions as well as get any advice or further testing.  Occasionally, MDs will order repeat tests to insure that it wasn't a fluke result, prior to ordering any treatment for any of it.  Good Luck!
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It was just a check up I had to see if anything is wrong, there isn't actually an MD involved for now. My mom and sister were having it to see if they had any kind of anemia, and I thought I would join them, and then this is what I see. I regularly do these kind of tests about once or twice a year, and these results were a first.
I don't drink alcohol, never did, but was wondering if that sleepless day or the pre-menstruation could have an effect on that. The only thing that doesn't add up is Bilirumin in this case.

I will either do nothing and have another test some time, or see someone about it, but that would be a bit bizarre to just randomly take these results and go to a doctor. That's why I'm asking what is wrong with these..

Thanks for taking your time and answering my question!

I still need a more convincing answer though.
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