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I don't know what is wrong with me. Doctors say I am normal

Hello members,
                   I am a 24 year old male from India.  my weight is 98 KGs (216 lbs) and my height is 181 cms.

I am suffering from a few things right now for which I don't have any idea why they are happening to me and all my doctors are saying that it's just a matter of my weight and anxiety, coping up with stress and reducing weight will make things better, which I feel is not the case really.
                 I was completely normal and healthy till November 2013. It all started from December 2013 when I got myself registered for a basic checkup tests in which the following were the problems:

1. High Eosinophil count
2. High triglyceride
3. High pulse rate (110 bpm) in the ECG
4. Low levels of Vitamin B12 (100) and D3 (12)

After my tests were done, doctor in the hospital told me to get holter monitoring and heart sonography done because he saw high pulse rate in my ECG. The tests came back as normal. Meanwhile these were the problems I had started facing:
1. Abdominal cramps & twitching, constipation and gases, lack of appetite.
2. Sensitive and painful to touch sections on my abdominal wall.
3. A lot of fatigue
4. Sweating even when I was sitting / eating
5. Random soreness of my breasts (pain when touched/pressed) I don't have a flat chest and I believe it's because of my weight?
6.Sore and painful to touch area below the rib cage (from below the arm-pits on left to the right)
7. A lot of depression and health anxiety (hypochondria)
8. A lot of palpitations even when I am sitting.

I started with consulting family gastro doctor who treated me with a few medications which included Wysolone (Saying that the infection due to Eosinophilia should reduce). I immediately started having side effects due to which the doc told me to stop wysolone. Doctor also suggested to get a LFT test done and a stomach endoscopy done. It came back as normal. Later in another visit when I was feeling very uneasy and was sweating, doctor suggested to go meet a psychiatrist because he felt it's more related to my stress and anxiety. I took an appointment with a psychiatrist and I told her everything about my health anxiety and fear that I am suffering from a very serious illness like cancer. She said the reports are normal I shouldn't worry and told me to start with stress related medicines. I took them for a while and stopped them because they didn't seem to help at all.

I had also started with doses of Vitamin B12 injections and D3 powder. Meanwhile since I was becoming too worried, I also went ahead and got myself tested for HIV. The test came back as negative.

As of now, I am still suffering from some of the above problems:
1. Random sweating on the forehead.
2. Random soreness of my breasts (pain when touched/pressed) I don't have a flat chest and I believe it's because of my weight?
3. Sore and painful to touch area below the rib cage (from below the arm-pits on left to the right)

With some new problems:
1.  High Blood pressure
2. Small red painful boils on my back and few red spots on my shoulder and upper section of chest.
3. Itchy and painful scalp
4. Weird sound from my chest which comes when I breathe
5. Random feeling of large amount of heat generating from body but no fever at all.
6. Burning sensation when I close my eyes.
7. Shoulder pain
8. General feeling of being ill.

I don't know what to do now. Currently I am taking Concor tablet for controlling my high pulse rate and blood pressure. Doctor had told me that my red boils on back and itchy scalp is due to seborrhaeic dermatitis and gave me 2 tablets and Nisoral shampoo. But that has helped me with only the itchy scalp a bit. The boils on my back are still there. I have already seen more than 4 doctors and all of them say nothing serious has happened to me. Can someone suggest me if I should go see some specialist or some other tests that I should go for? I am not able to live a normal life. I feel that I have some serious disease or whatever's happening to me are symptoms of one which will show up later some time in my life.
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Both B12 injections and vitamin D supplements can cause side effects. Side effects from vitamin D supplements is usually due to magnesium deficiency. B12 injections list many possible side effects. I had both problems myself. I now take sublingual B12 spray and magnesium with vitamin D3.  I posted an indepth list of causes for vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency on another answer:

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The sweating and some other symptoms you mention can be related to heart issues. If you have seen a cardiologist, let him know of these symptoms and perhaps you need to have a stress test. It is important to recognize that you may be suffering from anxiety AND depression, which also can cause many of the symptoms. Our bodies must work together with our mind to be healthy. You should not have stopped the medication the psychiatrist ordered, as it does take up to 2-3 weeks before they begin to show any improvement. I would resume those, and perhaps consult with a psychologist for some therapeutic visits. Perhaps there are underlying emotional issues that you are not recognizing that are creating physical problems. This is not uncommon, and taking some psychological testing (written and oral) and taking openly with a psychologist can be of significant help. Perhaps you are lonesome for your country and your family and friends back home. Our emotions can do funny things and cause physical symptoms, which can be alleviated if you work through the issues. However, if the sores on your back do not improve, or appear to be getting worse, that is a concern that a dermatologist might help diagnose. Any medications given to you by licensed physicians should be given a reasonable length of time to work, unless what you experience is a known adverse reaction. And any prescriptions given to you for anxiety or depression should not be abruptly stopped; for most, you should ask the doctor if you wish to discontinue them and how to taper off with smaller dosages over time. I wish you well and hope that you will consider counseling, and if the chest pain and sweating continue, see a cardiologist to rule out any heart issues. EKGs are not true diagnostic tools but are used to compare to earlier ones to determine if there are any changes in heart function. One test alone doesn't tell them much. I have had abnormal ECGs, abnormal stress tests, and then an angiogram or cardiac catheterization, which was found to be perfectly normal. Remember that medicine is not an exact science, and sometimes it takes new measures to resolve issues. I'd go with the psychologist, and if he/she feels you need medication, they will refer you back to the psychiatrist for new meds to try. I worked for both of those types of doctors, and they can be very helpful when others cannot give you answers.
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   You might try taking zinc tablets to get rid of the boils/sores on your back.  And a lot of  your symptoms do seem to be worrying about what the doctor said about your heart.  Relax.  A lot of us have heart trouble and live a healthy normal life.
     You can lower your triglycerides and blood pressure by taking Hawthorn berry or eating hawthorn berries if they grow in your country.
      Painful breasts can be quite normal as you are young and your hormones are still fluctuating.  Gurgling sounds in your stomach are also normal depending on what you eat.  (If I eat bread I get a stomachache),
     Try not to worry so much - I think the doctor scared you.  Some doctors do not have a good what we call a "bedside manner".  Meaning they are not careful how they talk to a patient.   I am sorry that he scared you.  You are probably okay as you said you were in fairly good health until you saw this doctor.  That's why some are suggesting counseling or a psychiatrist or psychologist.  

    Wishing you the best
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