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I have vertigo and other mysterious symptoms

Went from Urgent Care > ER > ENT > Neurologist. Dealing with vertigo for about a month now. But when I have my attacks now I get these symptoms:

Feet sinking in floor
Chest heavy more so right side
Feels like ring around head
Jaw is weak
Frequent urination
Head pressure
Little shocks back/neck
Chest sore
Sour taste in mouth

I am thinking when my back and neck hurt is when I feel the most dizzy. My urine, blood, CT of Neck/Brain, Xrays of back, MRI of neck/brain have all came back good.But I know this isnt normal. Any help would be appreciated.

The only thing I havent done is MRI of my back.
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Hi. are you hypertensive? If yes it might be Meniere's.
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No, I'm not hypertensive. I see a neurologist for the 4th time tomorrow and will tell him all my symptoms again. Because I know it's something more than vertigo. Because my back and neck hurt that's why I was thinking maybe a herniated disc. Because that can cause vertigo and a Xray wouldn't show that I would need a MRI on my back.
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The head pressures, vertigo and bad taste in the mouth could be a part of  pre migraine attack or aura.
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So maybe that's setting off the vertigo?
DSjackson0718, I had terrible vertigo for a period of time. It was on and off for over a year and a half period several years ago for me. And now I have had a couple of triggering events.  It was absolutely debilitating.  I'm not sure how it started for me if it was the virus that is inner ear related or not or exactly what happened.  But eventually, it was determined I had inner ear dysfunction with my Eustachian tube. It was closing in on itself.  I also would have muffled hearing out of that ear and tinnitus.  I was given this routine of holding my nose and blowing which pops your ears called reverse ear pop. I was told to do it over and over.  I also take an antihistamine when it feels like it is starting now and by that I mean like an over the counter Clariten.  I have taken pseudoephedrine as well but usually just one tab.  This is something you have to ask a pharmacist now because it is an ingredient used to mash together and make other drugs people get high on.  But it is not controlled.  They just don't want to let any person buy a whole bunch because that would be an indication they are using it to make meth or something.  (ugh).  I had vertigo to the point of not being able to do anything and vomiting.  It was truly terrible.  These things I've mentioned were done and I recovered.  I had no episodes for over a year or so and then had a flare up.  And that one hit hard and out of nowhere. It lasted three solid days.  Now, I've read a lot and there is a nerve called I believe the vagus nerve that is in our skull.  If there is a problem with that, you can get vertigo.  I've read that stress can trigger that.  This is what I think happened at the time of that flare up.  I don't know, but suspect it.  I now have had a mini flare up also at a time of great stress.  There is also something called the vestibular migraine.  These are things to check into.  
Thank you so much for the detailed response you have no idea how good it feels that I'm not alone. I will save your message and read it again. I wish you the best
I'm here to chat any time.  I really had a severe issue with this and to this day, it gives me anxiety.  When vertigo interferes with your ability to do anything and you have a busy life with kids, work, etc.  it's just unacceptable!  Mine is better and I'm happy to talk through anything with you.  hugs
Yeah I actually went back to the neurologist and now there thinking B12 deficiency so there having me on the pills and liquid vitamins and if I'm not any better by Tuesday they will order the actual tests because he is starting to rule put vertigo because I havent had  any dizzy spells just trouble focusing and all the other symptoms I mentioned above. And if you look b12 deficiency has almost the exact side effects. I know what you mean too havent been to work in 2 weeks. I also am paying everything out of pocket because I have no insurance. Got out of the Navy earlier this year so am still working things out with the VA. But in the meantime it's better to pay out of pocket because I need to get better fast. I am Derek by the way.
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Hello~It appears to me that your neck may have some pinched vertebrae, I highly suggest seeing a chiropractor. I know when my neck is not right, I have dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, but after an "adjustment" I am so much better. The chiropractor will take some x-rays of the cervical region, study them, and then go over the findings with you. After a few treatments you should start to feel better.

Also, yes, a B12 deficiency cause cause lots of symptoms, so adding the supplement should also help, also, the herb, Ginkgo is great for these symptoms as well. Try taking a good, high potency "B" complex, this will have all of them in the correct dosage as they all work synergetically.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you for the help. If you have time can I get your email I want to send you my XRay/MRI test so you can look at the. verbiage and tell me if they actually checked my neck region?? Please let me know
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