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Joint crack - Head??

May I ask if it is normal that every now and then you feel like there's a snapping sensation in your head? Like, it can be anywhere at the back or in front. It doesn't hurt at all, but every now and then, there is. I guess, it's not always, but there are times when like you've been on the computer for so long and you suddenly shift/tilt your head and you feel something similar to 'joint cracking' in a specific area in your head? It doesn't hurt, but like a feeling of sensation/tension you never knew were there was released by this sudden "cracking of joints" -like.

NOTE: Its doesn't come as often but I know that this has been happening since I was a kid and always thought to be normal. I just got curious out of the blue?
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FOLLOW UP: or it can also be similar to a sudden electric shock or bolt felt in the head. And again it doesn't hurt. But mostly occurs when you haven't moved your head for so long and you suddenly tilt. Somewhat, a tension in your head you never knew was there was suddenly relieved.
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Hello~I think this is probably due to your neck being in one spot to long, causing it to be stiff and oil building up, the cracking noise, I believe, is the oil pockets popping, nothing serious at all. I would suggest that about every half hour to do some stretches and move your neck from side to side, this will release any stress in your neck and should also help with the noise you are hearing.
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Sorry, I meant air/gas causing the popping sound.
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