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Severe ongoing pelvic pain

I had a failed medical termination in June, the tablets did not work to open my cervix, I had contraction type pain but only very minimal bleeding. I called the aftercare line every few days with pain (initially) and ongoing pregnancy symptoms but was told that as I bled a little bit after the tablets that they believed the abortion to be complete. After 5 weeks I was told to come in for an ultrasound which did show that the abortion had failed and I had the surgical procedure that day. Following the abortion I had very, very minimal bleeding for roughly 20 minutes (did not fill a sanitary pad) and I had the contraceptive implant fitted at the same time.

I started having pelvic tenderness about a week or so (roughly) after the surgical abortion. I attended my GP who did a urine test to check for a urine infection which was clear. I also had a smear test at that appointment but when I called for the results I was told the sample had been mislabelled and therefore could not be sent for testing. The smear has not been repeated since.

I also started getting urticaria covering my body daily around the same time this began. After attending the doctors for months I was told this was now chronic urticaria and antihistamines have helped with this. However, the pelvic pain has persisted - I would describe it as more of a very deep heavy ache in my pelvic region which is constantly present The pain becomes very very intense and sharp at times, particularly recently. I have continued to go back to the GP who did a blood test to check for IBS (this came back clear. I was also prescribed antibiotics for IBS, however these had no effect whatsoever and my pain does not seem in anyway related to eating or bowel movements.

I have been referred to the gynaecology department at the hospital, however this appointment is not until the 23rd of March. I am now in agony, I am struggling to sleep, eat or walk. When I do get to sleep the pain is waking me up and I am also experiencing nausea. I do not see how I can carry on like this until my appointment on the 23rd. I have been back to see my GP today, however I was told the tests they have done have been clear and that I should continue to take ibuprofen. I was asked ''what are you expecting when you keep coming back?''. I don't know exactly what I'm expecting but I'm expecting them to do something!

I have requested an STI test as I have a yellow discharge which is getting heavier, however the results of this are not back yet. I also enquired today about PID however my GP said she does not think it is that as ''if you have had PID since you started coming 7 months ago it would have been all over your body and in your blood now''. I am now at a loss and my quality of life is being massively affected. The pain is continuing to get worse as time goes on.

Any ideas?

Thank you
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Go to the ER tell them the pain is too severe to live with!
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