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Twitching in stomach

Since last Friday daily at random times the left side of my stomach twitches.
I did strain a muscle in that area ( not that exact area but near ) last Friday which is when this started

I’m nervous online is telling me a bunch of bad things.  I am not sure if it’s related to the strain or not
Any ideas. Any idea how to make it stop
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Hello~It sounds like a muscle spasm to me. This may sound weird, but try soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts, this may relax the muscles and the twitching will stop.
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Thanks I will try this. It’s driving me nutty. It seems to have done it less today. Wish me luck that will help
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Ironic man. I swear I had this same thing a week or so ago myself. I read mostly about diaphragm spasms. Not hiccups but that it can still cause this. for me it went away. I'd monitor it. How long has it been happening?
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Started last Friday night so just about a full week now. It’s not constant but annoying enough
Mine was most noticeable when I was relaxing or laying down. is this when it happens to you? It did go away for me though after about two weeks.
Yup I was busy all day today and I notice like a small flutter here and there but I just sat down and it’s totally bothering me now again not painful but driving me crazy  
Should I stretch or rest. Which worked best ?
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