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Used lotrisone. I used it for 6 days 2x's a day on my vulva. Did I thin my skin?

My gynocologist gave it to me. I used very little. When it started to burn I stopped.  Still feels weird a month later.
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That is such a brief time, would think any issue you had would be very temporary.  Did you tell your doctor about the burning?
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I did. They said it was irritation from the yeast infection combined with the irritation from the  cream. It's been a month now,and all infections are gone. The skin still burns in some places at different times of the day. My Dr didnt tell me not to apply it to thin skin. It only hurts near my labia minora where I got to close to the folds. I just learned about occlusion that could happen in that area. I'm hoping that with the small amount I used, it will get better with time. I just dont know what it would look or feel like if I actually thinned the skin.  The burning does make me nervous, but luckily it's not a constant. The skin looks ok to me. It just doesnt feel the same.
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That is not a common reaction I don't think.  But that doesn't matter since YOU had it.  I would think, really, after that brief time this will heal.  Is the yeast infection gone?
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Yes, I had both yeast and BV. And they are both gone. I'm hoping this will heal. It's been a month. I think it would be horrible in the summer with heat and humidity.  In the meantime, I'm putting a very small amount of coconut oil on the area to keep it moisturized. The more I research betamethasone the more I dont like it.
Went to dermatologist for 2nd opinion. She said the cream should not have thinned the skin in that amount of time.  She also said that the skin looked thin. So, she thinks lichen sclerosis. I don't have any itching. So,  now...  I think it thinned it so it looks like LS. I hope for a 3rd opinion on Friday.
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Hello~I hope by now that this issue has cleared up, if not, I would try putting some organic Vitamin E on the area and Aloe, both are healers and both are safe..
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