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What are some treatments for nerve pain?

I donated blood five years ago and believe I got nerve damage in my arm from it. After donating, my arm hurt for many months and every now and then the pain would come back. For the past week, I have had dull pain in that same arm, starting from the middle and going down towards my hand. I work on my computer frequently so it is possible it is related to that, but I do not have any pain in my left arm. I also have had Lyme Disease in the past, but I have not had any symptoms from that in around 10 years. Please advise on how I can help manage this pain and if it could still be from that initial nerve damage.
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This is good to check in about with your doctor.  I have heard that you can do a little minor something to a nerve but it subsides within a month usually.  Permanent damage isn't something I've really heard of happening from a needle stick.  But lots of people do report issues for a bit after.  I'd see your general doctor and they may send you to a neurologist.  There are medications for nerve pain like lyrica. Something else to look into is carpel tunnel syndrome since you work on your computer.  This is also nerve related and causes similar symptoms.  Perhaps the needle stick and then your work situation contributed.  https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/carpal-tunnel/carpal-tunnel-syndrome#1
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Hello~I would see your GP and discuss this with him/her. It might be of a neurological nature or even a pinched nerve in your neck or back.  I would also discuss the possibility of it being "carpal-tunnel" related.
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