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is it gas or heart problem?

a few times i have felt very  after lifting weight (holding groceries bags). it was as if i had to breath consciously and my heart was beating harder. if i sit and lean my back against wall or seat back it feels even more uncomfortable. so i just sit without support and it gets better. during this time i feel very nervous. this incident happened a few times not always though. once after going to gym i felt like there's some weight on my chest and i started sweating like crazy. but after like 10-15 minutes it was just all normal leaving me scared and puzzled.

I had to run to emergency but every time they could not find anything in the monitor or ECG. they ruled it out saying it must be gases. it's true that after these episodes my tummy swells like balloon and it takes time to get back to normal size.sometimes i feel a veey light pain on the left side that last for few seconds and disappears, almost negligible.

these episodes have left me very scared and every time i visit emergency they say its gas.
my age is 44. and recently i had my blood tests. here are the readings
total lipid:638
cholesterol :147
ldl: 95
b.sugar fasting:118
creatinine :1.13

3 years ago i was diagnosed as pre diabetic type 2 and usually i have kept the reading of hba1c to around 5.8. but i have not been checking it regularly lately.

do i have a heart condition? does anyone else has this issue?

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Hello~I hope that by now you have seen your doctor and that all is well. Sometimes, gas, can indeed, cause these pains, and the reason it is sometimes after exercise is that you have moved the air bubbles around just enough to push on some of the heart or areas around it.

Your blood work looks fine.
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well i visited doctor and she also concluded it as gastric issue + depression. When i tried to tell her it feels like heart issue all she said was that she didn't know some ppl. love to have heart issues. so these days I'm following a strict diet + medication. so far things seem better.
It is very common for folks to be worried about their heart, it is what keeps them alive. Your doctor doesn't sound too compassionate, I am glad that your diet and meds are helping.  
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Are you overweight, out of shape? The best option would be a cardiologist who can possibly conduct more tests, perhaps a Holter monitor if needed, and find out if there is anything showing during the actual episodes.
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im 72kg. 5'8" height. trying to bring my weight down to 70 0r 69kg.
I see you have an appt with your doctor. If he/she recommends, a cardiologist would be my next step.
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Well, the good news is that you have been seen by a doctor.  However, always an ER doctor.  The problem with that is that they treat an acute situation and release you.  What about a physical with a general practitioner that can help you with an ongoing problem?  Perhaps it IS just gas. Not sure why exertion would cause that. But you would be best to get a full physical.  It's likely not a heart issue as it is cleared by the time you get to the ER (and the heart doesn't really work like that).  Let us know if you can get a physical (and that should be much cheaper than visiting the hospital ER each time)!
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thanks, i made an appointment for saturday. so lets see!
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