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problems with Big Toe

im not sure if its just ugly feet but on one foot my toes end pointing up nail and everything, also where the cuticle is located i also have alot of skin that hides majority of my nails making it look like i over cut them.
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Hello~I think seeing a podiatrist is your best option, it could be a number of things, but the specialist will know exactly what to look for and the tests involved.
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Do you have pain in the toe that points straight up?  My big toes point straight up when I get muscle cramps in my feet.  This happens periodically and is extremely painful.  There area number of things that can cause this so if this is the problem you should talk to your doctor.  

The skin covering your nail could be cuticle that hasn't been pushed back.  A pedicure might be a good thing or a trip to the podiatrist.
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Sorry "There area number of things that can cause this" should be "There are a number of things that can cause this..."  :-)
Oh yes, I've had that too with the toe that raises up when I get something I call a Charlie horse.  My muscles keep flexing when it happens and it happens in my toes.  It's really uncomfortable.  It happens infrequently for me but I hate it.  Causes for me are usually overexertion during the day (for me it happens mostly at night), improper stretching and dehydration.  But there is a long list of what causes it.  It is usually just one foot for me at a time.  Sometimes it goes up further in the foot and calf.  

Wonder if that is what you are talking about?  Good idea to ask that, Barb!
SM, I get these cramps on a regular basis (often multiple times/day/night) - often, they affect my toes in this manner, other times they affect other parts of my feet and legs.  My cardiologist thought they were caused by vein insufficiency in my legs and I had 4 procedures to close off veins that forced blood to reroute to other veins but that didn't stop the cramps.  They're stumped now and giving causes ranging from dehydration to magnesium/potassium deficiency.

Walking will, typically, alleviate the cramps  temporarily.  Sipping a bottle of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and dash of honey added helps as much as anything - added bonus: ACV helps with my acid reflux.  :-)
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Hi. For most people, their feet are not their best asset.  Don't feel bad, ha.  They have to like scrape layers of skin off my heels if I have a pedicure. Speaking of that, have you ever had one?  Men and women both can get pedicures.  They feel good to me because they soak your feet, massage lotion into them, get rid of dead skin and they might be able to get rid of the skin that is growing over your nails.  I'm not sure what you mean by that.  Or that your toe is pointing straight up. This is on one foot only?  Does it give you any trouble walking?  
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