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i cant stop smoking

hello i started smoking at 16 and now im turning 20 ive tried quiting on a few accasions with the help of niggarette gum id last about 4 weeks the max or until i ran out of gum then light another one the people around me smoke and arn't quiting anytime soon so i cant really have support and seeing them smoke just makes quiting worse i really want to quit i have anxiety and smoking makes it worse cause sometimes i have trouble breathing and i freak out thinking ive got lung cancer then everyone says its just my anxiety . ive been getting pains in my chest lately when i was shoveling and my partner says it was cause of smoking and my boss said i may have pulled a muscle but now im freaking that its effecting my heart as their is heart desease in my family, my doctor has prescribed champix but i havn't taken it cause im scared of side affects... if anyone knows some good salutions to quit that would be great ..
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