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I have IC, but new symptoms. Worried about dormant STD.

I have Interstitial Cystitis. I have been diagnosed through a cystoscopy where Hunner's ulcers were found. I had burning pain localized around my urethra, and sometimes had terrible burning pain, which I later found out was a flare up. My flares are very rare now, but I still have slight urethra burning daily. I also feel the need to urinate very often, and when I do, it often feels like I have urine stuck in my urethra. It is very uncomfortable, but not painful very often. I am able to have sex with my boyfriend almost regularly without any pain. I just need extra lubrication.

For no reason at all, I started to freak out that I might have an STD and I was misdiagnosed with IC. I don't recall any STD tests being performed, and the diagnosis came pretty quickly. However, I had hunner's ulcers in my bladder. So it has to be IC, right? I know herpes can lay dormant for years asymptomatic, but can other STDs be asymptomatic? I have become more worried about this recently because I have had some itching on the outer labia, mostly around the clitoral region (not actually the clitoris, just outer labia near it). I have some slight burning also, like a very mild icy hot feeling. I have noticed that shaving daily alleviated this, so I thought that it was hair regrowth. I have no discharge really at all. When I do, it is a very thin whitish/clear discharge. I had sex with my boyfriend last night, and everything was fine until after. The vaginal entrance, especially the bottom towards the anus was sore. More than usual.

I have been with only one person for almost two years, and I'm pretty certain he hasn't cheated. Is it possible to have an STD lay dormant for two years that I got from someone else? I have no herpes symptoms or discharge. Could I have a yeast infection with no discharge? I'm really worried about getting tested and having a disease and my boyfriend not believing that I didn't cheat or be mad that I wasn't tested before him.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you should be tested for STIs and get a clean bill of health.  Chlamydia, herpes and hpv can all be asymptomatic for many years before causing problems.  If you do have an infection it will be important for both you and your partner to be treated regardless of who gave what to whom and when.
If you do not have STIs it will put your mind at rest.
Good luck!
Dr B
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