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3rd gen rapid test , nervous

Hii I had a risky exposure in 2020,2021 and in 2023 March 8th condom broke and have tested at after 3 years after my 2020 exposure and 5 months after my 2023 exposure,did the test on August 22nd and on 27th but it was 3rd gen rapid antibody test lab based , result will within 30mins ,and I'm not sure if these are conclusive..
I have read that 3rd gen rapid test not that accurate as Elisa test...my qst now
1) I had to do Elisa test for my medical on 31st August lab based and I'm nervous if the result may change on Elisa test.

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I'm sorry you're having trouble getting accurate information from your doctors, but there is NO HIV specialist anywhere in the US or Europe who would tell you you need to keep testing. Every single one of them says that a 3rd-generation test is accurate and conclusive by 90 days post-event.

If he thinks he has discovered a reason to test beyond that point, he should present his research findings at an infectious disease conference, because absolutely NO ONE else is saying to test beyond 90 days.
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So, a third generation test is always accurate after 3 months. That's a fact and think perhaps your doctor is not educated in HIV. You do not need anymore tests. You do not have hiv
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Any test you took at least 90 days after a risk event is conclusive. It doesn't matter how fast the result came back. 3rd generation tests are reliable when taken at the right time.
Your result will not change and you should STOP TESTING.
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Hi ,thnx for the reply ,here in India one hiv specialist doctor told me that my 3rd gen rapid test not conclusive even after 3 years or 5 months ,and theres a minimal chance that result might change with Elisa lab test ,and he told me to go for PCR test
We rely on the opinion of expert doctors and do not pay attention to what posters claim they read or heard or we will be arguing all day.  Perhaps you were very anxious and he wanted to get you out of his office, or perhaps he isn't the expert that you think he is. In any event the advice you got here won't change.
What kind of risky exposure did you have?
He mentioned a broken condom.

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