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Question about hiv test is it accurate at 37 days after exposure

I got tested for Hiv type 1 and 2 (p24 Ag, Ab) this is what says on the result they took blood from my vein and it was 37 days after the exposure. I then called the same laboratory and I asked the guy if it's conclusive and he told me that it haves to be at list 40 days after the exposure... So do I have to test myself again ? Please help me out...
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What specifically was your exposure?
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Unprotected vaginal sex with sex worker.
28 is conclusive. You won't find consensus if you search the net, but we rely on the opinion of expert doctors so that's the timeline that we use.
You can test at 40+ days if it makes you feel more comfortable. It is really a personal preference.

If you went to a sex worker who allowed you to penetrate her without a condom, then she probably allows other people to do the same. THIS IS NOT SAFE. You should also be testing for gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. People who have unprotected intercourse with multiple partners are at higher risk for HIV and STDs.
Can you please answer me this two last question's ?
1. What is the type of test ? It says Hiv type 1 and 2 (p24 Ag, Ab).
2. So this test after 28 days after the exposure is conclusive and i don't have to test again ?
2 I already answered.
To answer your questions, The type of test is a "Duo" test, testing for "qualitative detection and differentiation of HIV‑1 p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV, HIV‑1 (groups M and O) and HIV‑2 in human serum and plasma.".  A 4th generation Duo test is very accurate. And it is reliable at the 28 day mark. The result won't change after that point. Testing at 40 days is fine but you won't get a different result from a 28 day test in the real world.

Curfew mentions other tests you should take for other std's. Always use condoms.
Thanks you all for answering me. Keep up the good work. :)
One last question I promise. I have read some older threads and they say that this 4 generation test is conclusive after 12 weeks why is that ?
Probably a good idea for you to get off the internet, it's not helping you to keep reading and needing reassurance. 4th generation tests are conclusive at 28 days and the results don't change. You can test once at 28 days and beyond with a 4th generation duo test and not have to test again when you get your negative. (unprotected vaginal sex encounters are less than one percent chance of HIV, very unlikely to happen).  Other generation HIV tests such as 3rd generation tests are conclusive at 90 days, 3 months, 12 weeks (all the same thing). But the test you took is conclusive at 28 days.
Okay so my 4 generation test at 37 is accurate and I can move forward without needing to test again ?
So, here is the problem. "one more question" is never enough for anxiety. Your question was already answered and we can't continue to reassure you. Take care
Okay, thank you all for helping me out. God Bless you and keep up the good work.
You're welcome. Go get busy with other things in your life!  Take care

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