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Has anyone changed the results after the 28-day 4th gen test?

28 days ago, I have a brief anal penetrate. I take a Alere rapid 4th gen test, it’s contain Ag/Ab test. The window rapid of Alere 4th gen test is still 28 days? Would the rapid 4th gen test prolong the window period ?
I read many articles, they said the window period for 4th gen, at least 6 weeks is conclusion. This community insist on 4 weeks is conclusion. Has anyone changed the results after the 28-day 4th gen test?
Would I believe the result is conclusion?
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Okay, so you had a risk with unprotected anal penetration. Your test result at 28 days or beyond  if a 4th generation DUO test won't change. If you got a negative with a 4th generation test. All other tests are reliable at 3 months. The guideline is 28 days to 6 weeks officially (some sites are conservative) but the results do not seem to ever change past 28 days. I'd trust that result. A one time penetration is such low risk, less than 1 percent chance.
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That is to say, the result is conclusion?
we answered your question that yes, it is conclusive.
Thank you!
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Did you use a condom?
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I didn’t use a condom, the head of my penis brief penetrate his anus for a moment.
ok, you had a risk and tested as advised, so now you know that you are safe.
Thank you!  Is the rest result the final conclusion?
Want your reply! Thank you!

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