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6 Weeks post unprotected sex symptoms

I had unprotected vaginal sex 6 weeks ago, which began with a condom but the condom slipped/ tore which resulted in unprotected sex for several minutes. Originally I had a herpes scare, which i still can't put behind me, however i got treated for balanitis and the red dots went away with treatment after 8-9 days. However, I have developed diarrhea about a week after the exposure, which was accompanied by constant stomach gurgling and other noises. I was told by many it could be stress related, as my stress was and still is at an all time high. The diarrhea persisted for the next 4 weeks and just when i began to feel better, i developed a scalloped tongue (bumps along the side of the tongue) 6 days later i began to get a sore throat which is red and my lymph nodes on one side are enlarged. I have had a lot of stomach acid recently, which can be attributed to stress according to what i've read, however, my anxiety is getting the best of me. I have called 3 clinics and they will not do an hiv test at 6 weeks as it is not conclusive. I have to wait out another 6 weeks.
I feel like im getting worse, but understand that my lack of sleep and anxiety can also be partially responsible.
I;ve read and reread countless posts on this website, and even though i know there can not be a definitive answer, I would like to know what you guys think about my symptoms. Thank you all in advance.
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I just don't understand as to why they refuse to test you..Let alone anyone in general. Yes, technically 12 weeks would be considered conclusive under CDC guidelines. From what I've been told is that symptoms don't mean D!ck. I'm going through the same thing, white tongue, swollen lymph nodes on my neck and I've tested negative at 11 weeks now. Go to a planned parenthood and get a rapid hiv test done. At 6 to 8 weeks test would give you a good idea on what your conclusive status would be.
A duo is conclusive at 28 days per the advice from the expert doctors that we rely on. There is no relationship between one person's circumstances and another person's so there is no use in comparing symptoms.

Symptoms prove nothing so the only thing you can do is find someone who will do a duo (4th gen) test now and you will get the answer, since you are past the 4 week window. CDC uses outdated guidelines per the advice from the expert doctors that we rely on, however this is not a debating forum so go with what you feel comfortable with.
The expert doctors still run a website to pay-to-ask HIV questions, and they say daily the 4th generation test is 98-99% sensitive at 4 weeks, and only considered 100% reliable/conclusive at 6 weeks. (As does the CDCs updated guidelines on HIV testing with the 4th generation test).
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