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A totally silly situation but I am scared!

Hey there!

Two days ago I performed oral sex on a guy I met. He was being very aggressive, forcing me to deep throat him, and then he came all over my face. He told me he only had unprotected sex once in his life and that he tested negative immediately after that [which doesn't mean he is negative, because of the window period].

Problem 1: Some of his sperm went into my eye. What is the risk of HIV transmission?

Problem 2: Some of the sperm went into my mouth and I swallowed it. Since he was very aggressive and forceful, could he have ruptured my throat or something, so I got HIV when I swallowed the sperm?

Problem 3: After the entire thing, I went to take to the shower to rinse off. On my toe, I had a bad blister which burst a day before, leaving raw skin behind. The raw skin was covered by a water-resistant band-aid. What is the chance of getting HIV if some of the sperm that was being rinsed off got onto the raw skin? Would the sperm be diluted enough, making HIV ineffective?

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate you taking the time!

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You never had a risk of exposure.
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would you care to elaborate a little more?

thank you :)
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Oral sex is not a risk due to several factors...mouth not hospitiable, saliva deactivates the virus.
His sperm probably never actually went into your eye because the eye the the quickest part of the external body to involuntary to react to something coming at it. The sperm probably hit the eye lid and the side of the eye and did not make it to the corena.
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