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Antibody test

Could anyone tell me wheather a simple hiv antibody( blood drawn from vein)test after 82 days of exposure is conclusive or not?
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What was your risk?
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Unprotected handjob. It was at night time so i am stressed if there was any blood in her hands from any cut. Am paranoid now. Actually she got tested with antibody test after 82 days of this exposure and is negative. If her result is conclusive i can ease my mind. Hope u can help me.
Also she touched my urethral opening more times. So am scared if any trace amount of blood passed inside my urethral opening.
A handjob, even one that includes blood or other bodily fluids, isn't a risk for HIV or any STD.  Any test you take at any time will be conclusive - and negative - since you had a zero-risk exposure.

HIV requires penetration for sexual transmission.  That means an unprotected penis must be inside a vagina or anus.  HIV cannot transfer from someone's hands to you, no matter what.  Forget about this no-risk event and stop testing for a disease that you cannot possibly have.  You'll be happier when you can do that!
Many many thanks for your answer.. I was paranoid as i had many symptoms. Cold and flu, stomach cramps. Some kind of itching etc after 3 weeks of encounter. So u mean to say i can move on with out testing??
Yes. Absolutely nothing to worry. It is already discussed with you above that testing is not recommended. It's time for you to move on.
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