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Are these symptoms of Acute Retroviral Syndrome?

I did a huge mistake. I met an escort girl around 11 days ago. I had protected vaginal sex with her, unprotected oral sex(giving and receiving) and mild kissing.

Prior to meeting her, a day or two before, I sneezed a lot and suddenly got some runny/blocked nose. After meeting her, I still have the same thing. My nose would be fine, but suddenly I would sneezed a lot and block my nose again. Yesterday I have some very very mild headache. It hurts when I shake my head. My body feels a bit warm since about five days ago but I'm not sure if it's fever or not. I don't feel feverish.

I don't think I have any sore throat. As for now, body feels a bit warm, but it happened few days ago as well, then suddenly it feels normal back, then warm again. Don't know if it's normal. At odd times I'll sneeze a lot. No coughing.

Could any of these be symptoms of ARS? I'm very afraid of contracting HIV. Please help me. I'm going to take a STD test with HIV Early Detection in a few days.
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You had no risk.
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hiv is very unlikely from this type of contact , but iwas just wondering if you were aware of the other types of std,s that are more likely to be transmitted from this type of exposure.
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