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Bloody booger hiv risk

Hello, a few days ago I was sitting down in my living room when I licked my lip and noticed that I had got in my mouth a booger. I don’t recall picking my nose and the booger looked very dark and bloody as it left a bloody taste in my mouth. I started panicking because earlier that day I got what looks like a mouth sore/cut on the roof of my mouth. It had been a couple hours since I had the sore in my mouth and the booger incident happened. My question now is, if it in fact was a bloody booger that wasn’t mine, would I be at risk of getting hiv? I had a cut in my mouth and I don’t think it was bleeding but Would the blood from the booger be able to infect me through this cut/sore? I rinsed my mouth after it all happened and it was only in my mouth for less than a minute.
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Not a risk for HIV transmission. Below are the only ways HIV is transmitted in adults:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse
2. Sharing needles intravenously with people whom inject drugs.
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Even if the booger was bloody to the point that I could taste it? I had a cut/sore in my mouth and that is what worries me. Should I even bother to take a test?
Mike gave you the only two risks.  As you can clearly see, getting a bloody booger in your mouth is not one of those risks.  You have been advised of the risks previously in this forum, and those are not going to change, regardless of what other scenario you think of.

There's absolutely no point in testing for a disease you cannot have.
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