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CMIA test for HIV after 70 days accuracy

Hi all, i have something to ask. I'm a 34 yo male, i have unprotected vaginal sex 70 days ago, between that time if any ARS occurs i can only remember 1 day of fever and nightsweat. Today i took CMIA test and the result was negative. From various source i read this test conclusive at 35 day, shorter window period, etc, but the doct still told me to retest at 6th month. So if any of u have evaluation about my situation i'll be glad to know. Thanks.
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A negative at 35 days is super indicative. However,  42 days would be the standard.  

I am not saying that your result would change, given the fact that an average time to sero-convert is 21/22 days. Now, two weeks following sero-conversion detectable amount of anti-bodies would be almost always present i.e at 35 days. Keeping a buffer for one more week, a test result at 42 days post exposure is said to be conclusive.
People suggesting you to test at 6 months post exposure are giving you outdated info.
thanks mike, i even ask again to the lab and yes they confirm it was CMIA test, dunno what's wrong with the doc, and yeah he's kinda oldschool. Here in Indonesia we do the test and they send the result to a doctor, and we open it together, so doctor and lab are really two separate part.. apreciate it so much.
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Your test today, at 70 days post-event, is definitely conclusive.  You do not need to test again.  No HIV experts suggest testing at 6 months anymore - that is outdated information.
My bad, I misread that part where he said he tested today post 70 days.

I second curfew's response.
thanks CurfewX, you really put my mind in rest, yeah maybe that's the case, most of places here still use old rapid or 3rd generation something like that, so i must pay more for CMIA in a lab in capital city, i bet he the doc used the outdated info.
Thanks, i really apreciate it.
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