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Can I get HIV from this?

Hi guys, thanks for this excellent forum and the information you provide.

3 days ago I got a thorn stuck in my index vinger from moving things around outside. I am currently living home due to the lockdown. I then asked my mother for a needle or something so that I can remove the thorn as it was deep.

My mother gave me a hollow needle, it was quite a big one. I didn’t really think about cleaning the tip and used it straight away to take out the thorn. The tiny would bled as I removed the thorn as it was deep. As I recall I didn’t see any blood on the needle before using it, I didn’t inject myself I only used the tip of the needle to open the wound and remove the thorn.

What worries me is, that I know this needle has not been used for any type of injection. My mother confirmed this. But I’m afraid my father used the needle for the same purpose as I did and did not sterilize it afterwards. Maybe some of his blood got left behind on the needle and it now got into my bloodstream.

A couple of months ago my father cheated on my mother. So I have no idea of his HIV status. It was a difficult time for our family so I really didn’t want to bring it up.

Considering the situation described above, do I need a HIV test after my encounter? I am really stressed about this...

Thanks in advance
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No, this is not how HIV is transmitted.  The only ways are unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles which are different than the needle you describe.  A needle stick does not transmit HIV.  A plunger type syringe is different.  Air inactivates the virus.  Now, also.  Really, I think your anxiety is getting away from you.  Is your dad HIV positive?  You have to keep your anxiety in check even during lock down and times of extra 'stuff' in life.  No risk.
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Thank you for your swift response I really appreciate it! I have no idea what my fathers HIV status is. Would this make a difference to your answer?

Meaning if he is positive would you think I have any risk then?

Thanks in advance
Dude, if your father had HIV, you'd know.  You sound to suffer anxiety.  This is not a risk either way because of the reasons I said, air inactivates the virus and a needle poke/stick does not transmit HIV.  But your imagination is really running away from you right now.  You may need to address that anxiety with a doctor if this is the kind of fear that plagues you frequently.  
Thank you I appreciate your response. I do suffer from anxiety, only HIV related. I haven’t  been intimate with a women in a long time due to my anxiety. I’m even afraid that kissing can be a risk.

I will follow your advice and seek medical help for my anxiety.
Yes, please seek help for anxiety.  The only risks were given which again are unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating intercourse or sharing IV drug needles (syringes).  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  Kissing is never a risk.  And your anxiety is preventing you from leading a healthy and normal life.  Anxiety is the disease you should be worried about, not HIV.  get help for it so you can live a full life.  
Thanks again I appreciate your follow up comments! I will certainly follow your advice!

Have a good weekend and stay safe
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