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Can I get hiv from cotton ball/adhesive sticker after inj. to stop bleed

I went for hiv testing (tridot non reactive at 6 months 20 days). The technician did not use gloves, also kept cotton ball on table after wiping the area of injection, then touched to feel my vein(after wiping!!)….then used the cotton he kept on table to stop bleed…then after 15 seconds they used “sticker stamp” to stop bleeding. I fear of contracting hiv, because there were so much blood around…WHAT IF there was small amount of blood on technician’s finger. That came on stamp and I got infection from it? What if the dirty table had hiv infected fluid and came on cotton ball? Because there were other syringes too with blood, they were working "without gloves".But they used a "new syringe" for me in front of me they opened it.

It is about what if -the infection/blood/fluid on technician finger that came on my injection wound via the “sticker stamp” or cotton ball. Help me.

Is is just my anxiety, I think about this all day. Literally all day.
Should I stop worrying?
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"But there are so many researches online,..." but you don't have any medical training so the chance is high that you are misinterpreting something along with a greater chance that you are reading something that is not research. I'm not sure why you came here asking for advice because you keep saying you know better than us. The reality is you had zero chance of hiv and wasted your time testing and reading sites that are either wrong or else use theoretical risks that have never occurred in the 40 years of hiv history.
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I’m sorry I didn’t mean you question your knowledge.
It is my anxiety that makes me read online so much.

I’m really sorry.
It is natural to become anxious if you google hiv because on the internet you can find someone who will tell you that you can die from anything that you can think of. The first step to peace is to stop googling hiv cold turkey - otherwise you will never stop worrying.
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"Is it just my anxiety, I think about this all day". Yes, it is just your anxiety.

You do not get HIV from cotton balls. The only way to get HIV is to transmit HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles. this is no risk.  Air inactivates the virus.  

Second question "Should I stop worrying?"  yes.
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Thank you for your response sir.
But there are so many researches online, which say it stays viable outside the body too. I was reading a lot online.
Got sacred.

I appreciate your input.
Anxiety killing me
You will not find a reputable site that will tell you that you'd get hiv in the manner you suggest. That is anxiety speaking to you as it is irrational.  air inactivates the virus. You are there getting an hiv test for what exposure, by the way?  It does sound like you have a significant anxiety problem. Anxiety is a treatable condition and that is what you should focus on.  You can not get hiv in the manner you explain here.  The only three risks are given to you which you didn't have so no risk.
I received unprotected blow job and had protected vaginal sex with a prostitute TWICE in feb and march 2021.
So got tested twice, at 5 months 25 days, and 6 months 20 days, rapid antibody negative.

I was reading online that HIV survives for hours outside the body. So I was stressing out.
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